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Santa Luce : silence & history

Wheat fields & large plantations as far as the eye can see: if you go around the lands of Santa Luce you feel the brightness & scents of this countryside. We are on the Pisan hills, very close to the sea of the Etruscan coast, a place where quiet is daily life.

Between the hills there is the village of Santa Luce with scattered houses and ancients parish churches. The main center is clearly medival and seems to have all the characteristics to be the favorite place of the legendary Knights Templar, who perhaps hide the holy grail in some of these walls.

Photo : Wineyards & Fields in Santa Luce / 2019 by Terre di Pisa

What is certain is that this green sea is a place that leads itself to contemplation. It is no coincidence that the Lama Tzong Khapa Institue, one of the most important Buddhist centers in Europe has been established in the village of Pomaia for many years. This is a place where people meet for meditation retreats, seminars or simply a cup of tea. In this place, master of your time, silence can also be heard.

Photo : Instituto Lama Tzong Khapa Pomaia / 2019 by Casale della Luna

Photo : Instituto Lama Tzong Khapa Pomaia / 2019 by Casale della Luna

- The Lake of Santa Luce :

The Lake of Santa Luce was artificially born from a dam. It becomes an oasis thanks to the vegetation that has made it a hospitable place for all those migratory birds that stop there during their long journey to Africa. Even the visitor can make a stop there thanks to a visitor center & educational workshops managed by LIPU.

Photo : Lago di Santa Luce / unknown photographer

To complete this mystical journey, one as to visit the inhabited village of Monteforti with its legend of the Madonna who miraculously was seen carrying water in a holy wicker basket.

In short : Santa Luce is a magical territory to be visited slowly & always.

Photo : La Madonna di Monteforti

Text by : Daniela Cuomo

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